The Psychology behind Super Management

 GREAT At Training | Govindarajoo Ramu

Great leaders inspire, energise, challenge and build leaders. In an ever changing and turbulent business environment, to be effective and successful, we have to adapt to the changing situations, maintain efficient and reliable operations while maintaining high levels of employee morale and productivity. We have to adapt our leadership behaviour as well as organization’s structure, programmes and management systems to different situations and conditions.

Many leaders continue to rely greatly on themselves and their past successes. Leaders cannot be a one-man show and expect to win. Great teams are developed when we engage and ensure every single member of our team is playing to win and is working at their highest productivity level. The ability to engage our people is a crucial element in being a great leader.

The Psychology behind Super Management training-workshop enables learners to leverage on strengths and improve on weakness, enabling them to create greatness from mediocrity.

Learning Outcome
  • Be a leader with a vision, not just a manager
  • Look beyond the leadership stereotypes
  • Understand situational leadership
  • Influence with passion and empower others to act
  • Increase the performance of team
  • Communicate with confidence and clarity to be understood
  • Use creative problem solving and decision making methods
  • Improve influence by developing listening and questioning skills
  • Provide feedback to inspire greater performance with engagement and buy in
  • Identify and manage conflict within team
  • Lead and motivate team in a changing environment
Training-Workshop Modules
  • Module 1: Leadership Defined                      
  • Module 2: Your Motivation
  • Module 3: 3 C’s – Conviction, Character & Capacity                       
  • Module 4: Emotions in Play
  • Module 5: Creating Successful Teams                       
  • Module 6: Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Module 7: Becoming an Empowered Leader            
  • Module 8: Managing Conflict
  • Module 9: Communicate with Words            
  • Module 10: Communicate with Body Language
  • Module 11: Being a Coach and Mentor                      
  • Module 12: Ensuring Continuity

3 full days of face-to-face and interactive training-workshop.

* Duration and modules can be adjusted based on requirements.

Certificate of Learning

Upon completion of this training-workshop, learners’ will be awarded with a Certificate of Learning.

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