Critical Thinking & Creative Problem Solving

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Problems’ arising within an organization rarely goes away by themselves; instead they have a tendency to worsen if not managed effectively. For decades, people have used brainstorming to generate ideas and to come up with sustainable creative solutions to problems. However, group problem solving is often derailed by unhelpful behaviour and if starting with unstructured and non analytical process, this can lead the group to develop limited and unimaginative ideas.

Problem solving is a mental process and is part of a larger problem process that includes problem finding and problem shaping. Often people are not able to solve the problem as they have not truly understood and defined the real issue or not know the appropriate method to approach the issues.

This Critical Thinking & Creative Problem Solving training-workshop concentrates on the principle that solutions are always achievable for any problem. This training-workshop will provide learners’ with a comprehensive and practical understanding of the steps involved to identify the problem, analyse the cause of the problem, create and apply the solution to problems in the workplace.

Learning Outcome
  • Understand the complete process of creatively solving a problem
  • Learn some key questions to ask when gathering information about a problem
  • Effectively determine what 'the problem is'
  • Learn to write concrete problem statements
  • Discover idea-generating tools
  • Learn to evaluate potential solutions against specific criteria
  • Learn to perform a final problem analysis and then select a solution
  • Understand the why's and how's of refining and re-refining a solution shortlist
  • Learn how to identify the tasks and resources necessary to implement a solution
  • Understand how to evaluate and adapt solutions to reality
Training-Workshop Modules
  • Module 1: The Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving Method
  • Module 2: Problem Definition
  • Module 3: Information Gathering
  • Module 4: Brainstorming Basics
  • Module 5: Generating Solutions
  • Module 6: Evaluating Solutions
  • Module 7: Selecting a Solution
  • Module 8: Creativity & Innovation
  • Module 9: Planning the Next Steps
  • Module 10: Recording Lessons Learned

2 full days of face-to-face and interactive training-workshop.

* Duration and modules can be adjusted based on requirements.

Certificate of Learning

Upon completion of this training-workshop, learners’ will be awarded with a Certificate of Learning.

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