Business Etiquette & Grooming

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An organization is only as credible as its people and first impressions are the basis of building that credibility. Clients and employees prefer to do business and work with individuals who are trustworthy, respectable, groomed and present proper business etiquette.

How we interact and relate with others is vital to our continuing success. Those small things like polite greetings, courteous conversations and active listening do make a difference in how we are perceived by others.

Business Etiquette & Grooming has never been more important. Traditional structures and communication is changing, however etiquette and professionalism are still important within the business and with internal and external clients.

This Business Etiquette & Grooming training-workshop provides the necessary knowledge and skills required to be calm, confident and in good manner; thus enhance your social skills, business manners and professionalism which will enabling you to take a quantum leap forward in skill, sophistication and confidence.

Learning Outcome
  • Understand what etiquette is and why it is important
  • Learn how to introduce yourself professionally
  • Understand the "3 C's" and how to use them to create a good first impression
  • Learn tools to assist and minimise nervousness
  • Know the "4 levels of conversation"
  • Learn to conduct yourself professionally
  • Understand appropriate etiquette for open plan and cubicle environments
  • Know what not to do in a meeting
  • Acquire the fundamentals of email and phone etiquette
  • Dress to succeed
Training-Workshop Modules
  • Module 1: Understanding Etiquette
  • Module 2: Formalities & Protocol
  • Module 3: Fear of Embarrassment
  • Module 4: Professional Office Conduct
  • Module 5: Telephone Etiquette
  • Module 6: Business Email Etiquette
  • Module 7: Let The Body Speak
  • Module 8: Making Small Talks
  • Module 9: Understanding Grooming
  • Module 10: The Science of Impression

2 full days of face-to-face and interactive training-workshop.

* Duration and modules can be adjusted based on requirements.

Certificate of Learning

Upon completion of this training-workshop, learners’ will be awarded with a Certificate of Learning.

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