Breaking Barriers

GREAT At Training | Govindarajoo ramu

This Breaking Barriers training-workshop is designed to assist the learners’ to develop their team working skills by identifying a common goal, knowing how to work jointly as a team and build an understanding of the necessary etiquette to boost team performance.

Learning Outcome
  • Learn to identify the different types of teams and develop different strategies for leading them
  • Recognise the different team development stages and behaviours
  • Master techniques to manage teams at each stage of development, known as Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning
  • Develop a range of great team building activities
  • Gain strategies and techniques to ensure effective and productive team meetings
  • Develop great team problem solving and facilitation skills
  • Learn techniques to foster teamwork & create a supportive team culture
Training-Workshop Modules
  • Module 1: Defining Success
  • Module 2: Types of Teams
  • Module 3: Forming
  • Module 4: Storming
  • Module 5: Norming
  • Module 6: Performing
  • Module 7: Perception & Results
  • Module 8: Effective Team Communication Principles
  • Module 9: Solving Problems as a Team
  • Module 10: Winning Through a Win-Win Mindset

2 full days of face-to-face and interactive training-workshop.

* Duration and modules can be adjusted based on requirements.

Certificate of Learning

Upon completion of this training-workshop, learners’ will be awarded with a Certificate of Learning.

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