Brain Storming

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Problems arising within an organization rarely go away by themselves; instead they have a tendency to worsen if not managed effectively. Therefore, any staff member will benefit from understanding how to identify the roots of the problems and apply the necessary tools and techniques to solve the issue as quickly as possible.

Effective decision makers are exceptional individuals who are capable of determining and selecting the best choice from numerous alternatives. Effective problem solvers do not hide from issues, they thrive in finding solutions where others struggle.

Correct and timely decision-making can be done using specific techniques and enhanced knowledge of the self and situations.

During this Brain Storming training-workshop, learners acquire understanding in applying brain storming to help decision making, identify appropriate solutions, use creativity, evaluate situations and people, predict outcomes and more.

Learning Outcome
  • Apply brain storming steps and tools
  • Analyze information to clearly describe problems
  • Identify appropriate solutions
  • Select the best approach for making decisions
  • Create a plan for implementing, evaluating, and following up on decisions
  • Avoid common brain storming mistakes
  • Make correct and timely decisions
  • Use SWOT Analysis
  • Make good group decisions
  • Analyze and select solutions
  • Plan and organize
Training-Workshop Modules
  • Module 1: Brainstorming Basics
  • Module 2: Problem Definition
  • Module 3: Information Gathering
  • Module 4: Generating Solutions
  • Module 5: Evaluating Solutions
  • Module 6: Selecting a Solution
  • Module 7: Planning & Organizing
  • Module 8: Swotting Up

2 full days of face-to-face and interactive training-workshop.

* Duration and modules can be adjusted based on requirements.

Certificate of Learning

Upon completion of this training-workshop, learners’ will be awarded with a Certificate of Learning.

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