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We never sit in one position for long, we shift about in our chairs constantly. We are making changes everyday day in our lives without even realising it. Change can be as easy as shifting in our chairs when we accept it.

If you don’t like something, change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.
‘Mary Engelbreit’

Change is constant and it can be difficult to accept. Many of us are comfortable to stay within our comfort area; familiar people, places, ideas and situations. By embracing change we can only move forward , change is always good because that is the nature of our reality; life is not stagnant. Some prefer doing the same old thing, day after day, over and over again. Are we maximising our potential and ability fully?

Warning! Never stay put in your comfort zone because there will come a time when you will take things for granted.

Since change is constant, we must try to understand the change to enable us to gradually move towards accepting it. Welcome the change as an avenue for growth. New opportunities do not surface without change. New experiences makes you stronger, wiser and more confident than you were before. Change is a means of developing personally, improving your situations and life.

Change enables you to be flexible and by being stubborn and resistant to new things, it only makes ordinary tasks and situations more stressful. In being stubborn and resistant to change we will lose new knowledge.

Change makes you wiser because; if things never changed, you will never learn anything new. A new person to the team can bring in new ideas and experiences. Every conversation we have with anyone, can change our perception and increase our knowledge.

Change reminds us that nothing is permanent therefore nothing stays the same forever.

Without change, there can be no visions. We would not have been able to send man to the moon. New technologies emerges and various markets develop new opportunities for profits. Think of those who realised that domain names were the next evolution of marketing their business.

Change starts with you, with me, and with everyone around us. We need to step up and make a difference. Be the positive, in the negative. Be the light that makes another person smile. Let us all wake up to a new day and appreciate what we have to do and stop whining for what is not by learning our lessons well. Let’s have the compassion and understanding for others and ourselves; welcome change into our lives and recognise that change is actually the creative energy that drives our futures.